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【Post-Pandemic Recovery Promotion】Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is valid from 22nd February 2021 till 22nd March 2021 (Promotion Period).
  2. When you participate in this event, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to abide to the terms and conditions for this promotion. (Terms & Conditions).

Qualification to Participate

  1. The participant of this event (Participant) must match the qualifications mentioned below to quality to enjoy the benefits of this promotion.
  • i. It must be a new project, which means that there was no prior contract signed with Apex Solutions Ltd. (Apex Solutions);
  • ii. The sales contract must be signed in completion within the [Promotion Period].

Details of the Promotion

  1. Apex Solutions reserved the sole and proprietary rights to amend and interpretation to the details of the promotion.
  • One year of after-sale maintenance is calculated from the day of the project hand-over, if the customer wish to continue the after-sale service after one year, a maintenance fee must be paid promptly by the due-date.
  • Project value above HKD250,000, may enjoys 12 months interest-free instalments program;
  • Project value above HKD300,000, may enjoys 24 months interest-free instalments program;
  • Estimated project completion duration is one month, the duration may be subjected to changes based on the ease/complexity of the project.

Personal Information

  1. Personal information provided by the participant will be retained and used for one or both the purposes stated as below,
  • Participant registered information may be use for production, processing and storage for the event’s administrative and management purposes;
  • A marketing promotion information for Apex Solutions to provide products, services and future marketing events purposes.


  1. In the event of disputes, Apex Solutions retains the final decision rights.
  2. Apex Solutions retains the sole and proprietary rights, includes event/promotion cancellation, extension or changes to details without advance notification to any related parties.
  3. Apex Solutions reserved the rights to modify the terms and conditions to amend, delete, add and its interpretation.
  4. This Terms & Conditions is written in English and translated to Chinese for reference purposes. If there is any disagreement or irrelevancy, the English version will be deem as the standard.
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