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Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Quick, Clear Understanding of Data

Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Analysis All Relationships and Patterns

Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Identify Trends and Act Quickly

Go from raw data to visualizations in minutes

Analysis Visualization System makes you easy to refine your visualizations any way you see fit. With just a few clicks, you can create diverse charts including:

Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Pie Charts

Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Bar Charts

Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Trellis Charts

Analysis Visualization-Apex Solutions Limited

Frequency Tables

If you need more flexibility, we can create custom charts to meet your needs.

Find insights quickly

In addition to filters you can create on region, timeframe, product, or other columns, Analyzer provides several filtering options to get answers more quickly.

Help you filter and analyze data on the fly with pre-defined filters.
Filter using criteria such as “contains” and “starts with” with just one click.
Current reports with real-time data updates.

Increase understanding

Ensure you convey key points with advanced options for presenting your data.

Set conditional colors based on your data with Color Rules.
Create annotations on your charts.
More depth to your data by diverse charts to show the additional values that not displayed by data itself.




Apex were able to convince Prudential on our professional expertise on industry compliance, multi-language support in the documentations, industry characteristics, complexity in the variable data required for different documentations and most importantly, our in-depth experience and technical competency when it comes to working with giant legacy host system output data stream.

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Sime Darby

Sime Darby is the sole service distributor of prestigious Denso products, Ford, Mitsubishi, Suzuki vehicles, and Mastercraft Tires in Hong Kong and provides professional services such as repair and maintenance of vehicles, sales of parts and tires, vehicle body design and modification.

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Zuellig Pharma

Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia and our purpose is to make healthcare more accessible. Zuellig Pharma provides world-class distribution, digital and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in this region. More recently, Zuellig Pharma launched our Zuellig Health Solutions Innovation Centre to develop new services and address some pressing healthcare needs in Asia.

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Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is a French company with world's second-largest wine and spirits seller, Apex provides tailor-made system on covering regional company usage like data automation and inventory checking system.

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Intercontinental Hong Kong

Apex provides Tailor-made workflow system (i.e. digital approval system) for internal approval procedures like leave application and purchasing procedure.

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Garden is a local leading food & bakery manufacturer in Hong Kong. Apex provides tailor-made printing system for delivery schedules & best before validation

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