Our Story with Prudential

Listening. Understanding. Delivering.

About Our Client

The Challenge

The years of experiences and good credible reputation had landed us an opportunity to work with the best of the best - Prudential Insurance. Despite being one of the largest system integrators in Hong Kong, Prudential have not much experience in printing service. They had outsourced their printing service to external parties all these years but made a decision in 2016 to self-own this job and started seeking for a competent partner.

It took several rounds of meetings to organize all the requests. Starting from top senior management to the IT team which consisting of VP to IT Engineers, all have their own requests and expectations.

From presentations to Quality and Assurance (Q&A) to Proof of Concept (POC), we diligently and confidently cleared numerous hurdles.

Why Did They Choose Apex?

We are not exaggerating when it comes to accrediting Apex Solutions as one of the top output solution providers in the insurance industry for variable data printing solutions. Almost all insurance companies in Hong Kong, MNC or SME, are using our solutions, catering their statements, invoices and policy printings.

Standard Life, Chubb, AXA, Hong Leong, QBE and the list goes on and on in our reference sites.

Apex were able to convince Prudential on our professional expertise on industry compliance, multi-language support in the documentations, industry characteristics, complexity in the variable data required for different documentations and most importantly, our in depth experience and technical competency when it comes to working with giant legacy host system output data stream. They are all that we are very confident of and is something that the customers’ teams of IT experts cannot deny.

What Did We Achieved?

Variable Output Data Printing
Enhance Mobility
Mangement Portal