Re-imagine businesses by extending digital’s power through your entire company

Document Digitization

In the past, people handle documents and processes with paper. Paper is not only environmentally-unfriendly, but more importantly ineffective to handle. Countless hours are wasted on writing, passing and filing paper.

Therefore, paperless working environment is a huge trend in these few years. While it can save up manual hours to do more important things, it also provides other benifits, like tracebility and less human error.

Workflow Automation

After digitizing, data can be passed around and analysed in a much more efficient, accurate and trackable manner. However, every company has their own workflow and compliance that need to be fulfilled. Workflow automation must be designed and executed in a structured but customized way, in order to obtain maximum efficiency and improvement.

Analysis Visualization

What would be the meaning if computers do all the work but human cannot see the result? A real-time, mobile-accessible, visualized reports that can notify management the necessary information is of utmost importance for companies in today's fast-pace environment.

State-of-the-art Technology

Apart from the more mature technology such as RFID, Mobile, Web-based application that we can provide, Apex constantly looking for new technology with practical implication. Modern technology like machine learning and blockchain are some of the most promising aspects and we are looking to utilize them very soon.

Business Consultancy

Although Apex start from providing printing services, we did not felt satisfy doing so. We move forward extra steps, to provide IT consultant service, to transform processes, to partner with businesses. Apex always listen and understand customers' needs and provide the best IT solution to our customers.

Until today, Apex have already accumulated countless sucessful cases using our solutions. However, we surely will not stop to seek for opportunity to transform and add value to the next businesses.